Anthony Jones is an avid adventurer and loves hiking and backpacking the back country trails and summits in and around the Southern California area.  He puts together his podcasts in his spare time and shares them with folks that share his interest in the outdoors.


Goat Canyon Trestle near Anza Borrego State Park

Goat Canyon Trestle near Anza Borrego State Park


He’s hiked many high peaks in the Angeles, San Bernardino and Cleveland National Forests as well as explored the mud caves, wind caves, slot canyons and oasises of Anza Borrego State Park.  He also makes trips up into the Eastern Sierra Mountains and has backpacked up through many high mountain passes and visited remote back country lakes.





Dane, Anthony and Katie

Dane, Anthony and Katie

Anthony likes to share his adventures and encourages everyone to get outdoors and  like the Nike Ad says, “Just Do It”.  He feels you don’t have to be a well conditioned triathelete or seasoned mountaineer to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the forest.  Just take your time and enjoy the experience being out  in nature.

Even though Anthony has hiked and backpacked many areas through the southland he is not an outdoor professional, just an average guy.  Sure he’s made his back country mistakes over the years and in his podcasts he talks about his errors and tries to improve on his woodsmanship.  You’ll learn from his mistakes and observations just by listening to his podcasts.



Resting on my Kelty Tioga External Frame pack

Resting on my Kelty Tioga External Frame pack

He’s also a gear nut and talks about his backpacking and hiking gear.  He reviews his gear and talks about the benefits and shortfalls of his equipment as he hikes.  I think you’ll get a good overall education about what does and doesn’t work along the trail and why.

19 Responses to “About”

  1. Jay Olsen Says:

    Hi Anthony – Met you on Los Pinos peak on Friday, 4/2. My friend & I were hiking/running our way through a big loop which took us down through Blue Jay – we completed it in 6 1/2 hours. It was an awesome day – nice to meet & talk with you.

    I am enjoying reading of your previous outings.


  2. David Barnas Says:

    Hi Anthony. It’s been a while since I posted, but just wanted to stop in and say Hello. I am still enjoying the podcast and wanted to thank you for putting them out, they’re quite entertaining am looking forward to the next one.
    I have actually been meaning to comment about your bears episode because my buddy and I had a run-in with a bear in the Adirondack Mountains who got into a few hanging bear-bags near our sight.

  3. Angelica Says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I was curious, about what kind of voice recorder you use for your podcasts, the audio seems to sounds amazing. Thank you.

    • vaj1111 Says:

      Angelica, I use a Zoom H2 for the field recordings along the trail and an Audio Technica 2020 Condenser Mic for the voice overs. Sometimes I mix in audio only from the video. Hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade to a full sized mic with XLR connectors for field work but the Zoom H2 seems to be doing a pretty good job so far. I hope you enjoy the episodes.

      • Angelica Says:

        Hi Anthony,

        I have been able to try out the Zoom H2 for my hikes and really like it! Thank you for the info. I also want to thank you since I’ll be using it as my journal-keeping method when I start my PCT thru-hike in April.

        Your show is great and is helping me stay sane while at work. Hearing about being out on the trail, even when it’s raining outside, is a great treat!

        Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for another episode … even after you just put one out.

        P.S. My friend and I did the Big Bear to Lake Arrowhead hike in November … very awesome hike!!

      • vaj1111 Says:

        I’m sure you’ll like the H2 recorder. They also make an H1 now that is smaller and looks pretty tempting. Heading up to check out the Tenaja Falls tomorrow, hopefully I’ll capture some great soundscapes and photos for a future episode.

  4. Cadamole Says:

    Hi Anthony – started listening to your episodes a few months ago and thought you might like this video I made: I know carrying a guitar into the sierra isn’t the best packing decision, but it was totally worth it.

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Oh my goodness, I nearly fainted when I tried to get onto your website and got a page saying you didnt exist anymore. Must have been a fluke! Anyways, I love love love your show and always check in with itunes to see if there are any new ones. Hope you are nursing that cold and can get back on the trail soon. It seems like a lot of the podcasts I use to listen to about hiking and backpacking have all fallen to the wayside for various reasons. Yours is still standing strong and I admit, I am addicted!!
    Love your show,

  6. Jeff Katzer Says:

    Howdy Anthony,
    Jeff Katzer here, long time podcast and YouTube fan. Thought I would send you this link to a hiking book I wrote about our West Coast Trail adventures. Cable cars, endless ladders, miles of ocean, bears and whales…

    It is an iBook available for the iPad on the iTunes store just $2.99. there is a hiking story, a video of the trip with original music in the soundtrack, gear suggestions and planning tips.

    I think you would like it (based on your podcasts and videos). Hey if you hate it, let me know and I’ll link up you in So Cal next time I’m there and spot you your 3 bucks back. 🙂

    Keep them podcasts coming friend. I enjoy every one. I’m now watching for the rocks in every TV show…


  7. cara koehler Says:

    Dear Anthony,

    My name is Cara & I co-authored a hiking app (Apple devices) to the Santa Monica Mountains. Would you be interested in taking a look at it? It seemed by the content of your blog that the readership might like to hear about a hiking app. Drop me a line at the email below! I’m happy to chat with you in more detail.

    All the best!

    • vaj1111 Says:

      It looks like a terrific App for all the trails in the area. I’ve got an Android phone so I can’t use it but it looks very informative. When’s the new Iphone 5 coming out?

      • Cara Koehler Says:

        Thank you for your enthusiasm! The hiker’s opinion is the one I value most regarding the app. I’ve included a video of the app, too, in the website line. It’s only in german at the moment but you still get the jist of the app.

        An Android version of the app may be on the horizon, so I will keep you in the loop. The iPhone 5 release date is still unannounced, perhaps late summer. Thinking of switching 🙂 ?
        May I have permission to reference you in a future press release or ad?
        Hope we’ll be in touch again soon. Thanks again, Anthony!
        -cara koehler

  8. Harry Jordan Says:

    Hello Anthony, My name is Harry and I live on Kauai. I saw your Kauai hat on your Santa Margarita hike. I hike a bit on Kauai and I’d like to take some video to share with my kids and friends on the mainland. Would you give me some tips on some basic equipment and a couple of your tricks for using it? What would be a good camera to start with and do you have a special pole to hold the camera while you’re hiking? Great work with your audio and video adventures. Thanks, Harry

    • vaj1111 Says:

      I normally use just a basic Canon Point & Shoot camera with HD 1080P video capability. If you put a small piece of earbud foam on the tiny mic holes it gets surprisingly good clear audio. My camera also has Image Stabilization that seems to help steady the shots as well. I also use a GoPro 2 HD waterproof camera that takes great wide angle shots but has bad audio. To get myself in the shot I use a Joby Gorilla Pod flexible tripod and a X-Shot2 expanding pole. It just takes a little practice. Good luck and have fun hiking with the kids. The Kalalau Trail is one trail I hope to do someday.

  9. Marty M. Says:

    Enjoy both your video & audio casts’ keep up the great work!
    From a fellow Temeculan…
    Marty M.

  10. Jim Smith Says:

    Hey Anthony this is Jim from Transpo. Ploghaus told me about your podcast and I just finished the Ansel Adams Wilderness episodes. I’ve been to that area several times and enjoyed listening to your podcast and watching your YouTube videos. There’s a nonfiction book titled Missing in the Minarets about a climber who goes missing in that area in the 1030’s by William Alsup. It’s a good read on it’s own, but the story is more interesting when the author is describing places you can picture more clearly in your mind having been there. Back to listening to some more podcasts, keep up the good work.

    • vaj1111 Says:

      Thanks for listening Jim and I agree its more fun to read about places you’ve been. I’ve read a bunch of adventure novels about survival, hiking, mountain climbing and arctic exploration. Check out the podcast of Greatest Adventure Novels or search for National Geographic’s top 100 adventure novels on google.

  11. Scott Says:

    Hi Anthony, great podcast. Long time listener here. Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to hearing the next episode. I am grateful for all the time and effort you’ve put into all your past episodes! Thanks Again!!!
    Scott Akers

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