Episode 39 Dangerous Wildlife Encounters Snakebite Podcast

Tailing a large local snake

Tailing a large local snake

In part two of Dangerous Wildlife Encounters I tell the story about an encounter with a very large snake while getting ready to go mountain biking with the kids.  I also relate a real life snake bite encounter and read from an article written by the Loma Linda University Medical Center’s leading snakebite physician Dr. Sean Bush, famous for his appearance on T.V. Show Venom E.R.  Dr. Bush lets us know  how to avoid being bitten and walks us through the series of steps that will happen after you’ve been bit.

 I mention gory snakebite photos  from Justin Schwartz’s horrifying snakebite and feature links to some well photographed rattlesnakes and their look-a-likes in the Southern California Area from California Herps.Com.  

In memory of The Crodile Hunter’s Steve Irwin I included a link to a short video on You Tube where Steve handles a Mojave Rattlesnake, California’s most venomous snake. Click here to watch the video.

Music featured in this episode is Watch Out from Matt Thorp and Survive from Polaradio.  All from the Podsafe Music Network.


Episode 38 Dangerous Wildlife Encounters Killer Bee Attack

In this first part of a three part series about dangerous wildlife encounters, I tell the story about a short day hike I did with my dogs while looking for a geocache.  We accidently stirred up a bee hive hidden among the boulders below the trail.  I relate the nervous few minutes that followed and our race back to the truck to escape the bee attack.

I also talk about the history of Africanized Bees and relate true stories of attacks in the southwest.  I let you know what to do if you’re atacked and how to escape with help from Desert USA‘s great website.  I’m including links to a You Tube Video about Killer Bees you’ve got to see and an interesting website about Bees, Wasps and other stinging insects called Comming Back Alive.

Music featured in this episode is from Get Three Coffins Ready and Tom Smith from the Podsafe Music Network.


Hiking in Killer Bee Territory

Hiking in Killer Bee Territory