The Llama Lady Mary Biskup


In this final episode about our Dinkey Lakes adventure we continue our day hike down Dinkey Creek and visit scenic Mystery Lake, Swede Lake and South lake as the threatening clouds thicken and swirl around the basin.  We also find ourselves off trail and meet up with some interesting fisherman and have a wildlife encounter.  Toward the end of the episode we pack up our camp and head out.  Along the way we finally meet the llamas and have an interesting conversation with the Llama Lady.



In this episode, Dave, Gerry, Mike and I hike up from Cliff Lake to spectacular views along a ridge then drop into the Dinkey Lakes Basin.  We hike past Rock Lake, Dinkey Lake #2 and eventually up to Island Lake.  Here we are treated to a scenic lake and chilly winds.  We make a group decision on which lake to set up our base camp and enjoy the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness.



Hammock Setup at Cliff Lake

In this podcast Dave, Gerry, Mike and I embark on a 5 day adventure into the Dinkey Lakes basin on a four day backpack trip. We meet up at the High Sierra Ranger Station before spending the first night out at Trapper Springs Campground to acclimate near Courtright Reservoir.  The next morning we head up into the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness along the Cliff Lake Trail to our camp at a fabulous campsite at Cliff Lake.

In this episode I give an overview of the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, talk about our gear and our first experiences along the Cliff Lake Trail.

Trip Photos

Video of our adventure




In this episode I talk about haunted hikes, some unique places where you’ll most likely encounter a ghost and I tell a true story of my unique encounter with the paranormal and a possible homicidal maniac.

Villisca is a small town in Iowa and the scene of one of America’s most grizzly murders.  I relay facts about the case and feature some audio clips about the murder weapon.

Also featured is a story about an insane asyllum  in Upstate New York where over 400 abandoned suitcases were found, belonging to former patients that were kept at the institution before it closed in 1995.


Villisca Axe Murder –  Official site

Willard – From PRX.Org. Fascinating story – must sign up for free account to hear entire story.

Willard article about the suitcases

Photos – Photographs from Willard – eerie shots of empty buildings, creepy rooms.

More Willard Photos

Iron Goat Trail – Photos, trail info, history of the disaster.

Rolling Mill Mine Disaster Article

James Wolfe Sculpture Trail – Ghosts at the Incline ?