Carey Castle Day Hike

November 19, 2009

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Carey's Castle

The 50th Episode of Anthony’s Audio Journal, is about our hike into Joshua Tree National Park and our adventure up the Red Butte Wash to visit the Carey Castle.  This trip was unique because there isn’t really a trail to Carey’s Castle, in fact, it’s not a trail at all.  The only tell-tale signs that it’s there is a small black dot on the USGS Topographic map and the words, “Carey’s Castle”.   It’s a pretty well kept secret, and folks want to keep it that way.  There are no signs at the trailhead or along the way.  There’s no sign at the castle or any mention of it in any of the Joshua Tree publications that I’m aware of.  The few cairns that have been placed by hikers are routinely knocked over and scattered about or purposely built to redirect hikers into dead ends, further adding to the mystery of the hike to Carey’s Castle.

The hike involves over four miles of walking in loose gravely sand and climbing through the boulder choked wash that forks many times throughout the adventure. Elevation gain is a modest 1400 feet but by the time you’ve walked through the deep gravel and climbed up and over the boulders, it seems like more, much much more.

Be sure to click on the photo to  link to all the photos I took of our trip.  Also check out the link to Joshua Tree National Park to find out more interesting facts about the park and possible hiking adventures.

Joshua Tree National Park