In this second part of our adventure into the Hilton Lakes Basin of the Eastern Sierras we take a day hike from our basecamp at Hilton Lake 2 down around Davis Lake and explore a waterfall.

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In this adventure Dave, Gerry and I embark on a four day adventure into the Hilton Lakes Basin where we set up a base camp at Hilton Lake #2 before exploring Davis Lake, a hidden waterfall and Lakes No. 3,4,5 6 and 7. Along the way we take in some amazing scenery and dodge 3 thunderstorms.


Trip Video Part One

Episode 151 Eagle Crag Fail

November 16, 2017



In this episode I take a tough solo hike into a remote region of the Cleveland National Forest along the Cutca Trail to see Eagle Crag. Along the way I battle high heat, poison oak and poodle dog bush.



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In this edition of Anthony’s Audio Journal I take a solo day hike down to the South Fork of the San Jacinto River. Located near Idyllwild in the San Jacinto Mountains,  the South Fork Trail  is seldom used as it descends deep into the canyon. On this adventure I took only a Finnish Bread Bag and my Luna Sandals as I hiked to the bottom for a quick bushcraft lunch.




AJ hiking away in kilt

In this episode I take a solo hike out to Chiquito Falls hidden deep in the Cleveland National Forest. I also talk about kilts, their history and Naked Hiking day along the Appalachian Trail.



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In this final segment of our Yosemite Adventure we pack up camp at Glen Aulin and head up over Tuolumne Falls on our way out of the Tuolumne River Basin.


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In this fourth part of our Yosemite Adventure we pick up camp at Cathedral Creek and hike past Waterwheel, LeConte and California Falls enroute to our camp at Glen Aulin. Along the way we almost get bit by a rattelsnake and dodge a classic High Sierra thunderstorm.