Episode 155 Hilton Lakes Basin Part Four

June 23, 2018



In this episode we hunker down to weather another thunderstorm before packing up camp and hiking out of the Hilton Lakes Basin.


3 Responses to “Episode 155 Hilton Lakes Basin Part Four”

  1. mark renault Says:

    Great videos. I’ve watched all of them. I am backpacking the Hilton Lakes in mid September because of your podcasts & videos. Did I somehow miss part 2 of the Hilton Lakes series? THANKS.

    • vaj1111 Says:

      Part 1 was the camp near Rock Creek Lake and the short hike into Little Lakes Valley, Part 2 was the dayhike around Davis Lake and the waterfall. Part 3 was the exploration into the Upper Lakes Basin. The last part will be the hike out. Glad you liked the episodes and I’m sure you’ll love the Hilton Lakes Basin.

      • vaj1111 Says:

        You were absolutely right, I made a video of our hike around Davis Lake but never uploaded it. I found it and just posted it. Thanks for reminding me.

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