Big Bear Podcast

Along the trail to Lake Arrowhead

Along the trail to Lake Arrowhead

This episode of Anthony’s Audio Journal is about a quick overnight hike from Big Bear Lake to Lake Arrowhead in Southern California.

Doug, Steve, Brad and I made this hike from the shores of Big Bear Lake up the Cougar Crest Trail to the Pacific Crest Trail near Bertha peak. From here we headed south along the P.C.T. alongside Delamar Mountain and down into the Holcomb Creek drainage toward Lake Arrowhead almost 30 miles away.

Doug brought his German Shepard Brandy while Brad’s Golden Retriever June happily followed along. We hiked at a fast clip taking in some beautiful scenery above Holcomb Valley and eventually made camp at Holcomb Creek Crossing Camp for the night. Steve had stashed some beer in advance and he and Doug humped the extra couple of miles to fetch the beer for all of us to share.

Steve’s friend Matt joined us for the night and we sat around the campfire talking about our adventurous day and about our favorite parts of the hike so far.

The next morning we continued on towards Deep Creek and the large metal bridge before splitting up at Splinter’s Cabin. Steve, Matt, Brad and June headed back to town on the fire road while Doug and I continued up the Little Bear Creek Trail into the North Shore campground and eventually arrived at Doug’s Fire Station 92 in Lake Arrowhead.

This podcast features lots of great music with lyrics that compliment my thoughts and feelings along the way and ends with a special song that flushes out the last of fond memories.

I took lots of photos along the way just click on the trail photo for a direct link to our photos.  Music featured in this episode was by Beyond the Pale , Miles of Smiles, Sofia Talvik, The Hosts, Robin Tymm and The Knuckle Kids

For additional information on Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead click the embedded links or check out the many website on Google.  If you are interested in doing a hike in and around Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead check out the San Bernardino National Forest Web Site. For information on the San Bernardino County Fire Department head over to their web page.

Apache Peak Podcast

July 4, 2009

Jose Murillo and Aaron Wilson and the California Conservation Corp from San Bernardino California.

Jose Murillo and Aaron Wilson and the California Conservation Corp from San Bernardino California.

This episode of Anthony’s Audio Journal is about a day hike to Apache Peak along the desert divide on the Pacific Crest Trail. Dave and I head up the Spitler Peak Trail to the PCT then head north toward the west and taller of Apache’s twin peaks. Along the way Dave and I get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Garner Valley with its large sprawling ranches, Lake Hemet and experience the unusual transitional zones from the chaparral to pine forest. We met some interesting folks with the California Conservation Corp and get a great workout along the way.

We saw a large sprawling ranch from the trail that turned out to be the Zen Mountain Center, a Buddhist retreat.

We also had a good chat with Jose Murrillo and his California Conservation Crew from San Bernardino while they worked on the trail. Discover what the California Connservation Crew is all about at

Music featured in this episode was Douglass Spotted Eagle with Summer Morn, Alexander Blu with Nature Song and Maria Danes’s Church of Rock.  All from the Podsafe Music Network.

If you get a chance,  head over to Maria’s Website at to find out more about Maria Danes.

Apache Peak Photos