Have you ever lost something on the trail before, later to find it? How about things you’ve lost never to get back, or things you might not know you’ve lost yet.  This podcast is about all things lost and found and frozen.  In this episode I relate some stories about things I’ve lost and found over the years.  I also talk about hikers that have become lost, and then found.  Some of them by accident when they thawed out.

I tell the tales of famous folk found frozen the likes of Steve Fossett, John Donovan, a WWII airman, a guy trapped inside a waterfall and many more.  I’ll also talk about a zany account of six people all getting lost and found on the same trail on the same day.

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Lightning Reminder

In this episode I’ll talk about when, where and how lightning strikes and give you some facts about lightning that you just might not know.  I’ll also talk about some real life encounters with natures fury and shed some details on what to do if you’re caught in the outdoors with a storm approaching, what to do and what not to do and maybe even take a lighting quiz to test your knowledge. I’ll also discuss briefly what to do in the unfortunate occurrence that someone in you hiking party is the victim of a lightning strike.

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