Doug and Anthony at Glacier

Palisades Glacier


In last episode Doug and I began a 4 day three night adventure  up the North Fork of Big Pine Creek to visit the largest glacier in the Sierra Nevada Mountains; the Palisades Glacier. We also explored the historical Lon Chaney Cabin, and enjoyed the fabulous turquoise green glacier fed chain of lakes below some of the tallest peaks in California. In this episode we have an unusual encounter with a hostile backpacker and meet some unusual characters at Lake #3, before hiking up valley to the Glacier Trail. From here we work our way through a talus and boulder field to stunning views over the glacial fed chain of lakes and the Palisades Glacier.We conclude our hike with a stop at peaceful Black Lake for our last night in the wilderness.

Be sure and watch the video Doug put together of our hike and posted on YouTube in brilliant High Definition.




Front porch of the Lon Chaney Cabin

Front porch of the Lon Chaney Cabin

In this Part One of a two part episode of Anthony’s Audio Journal, Doug and I embark on a 4 day three night adventure up the North Fork of Big Pine Creek to visit the historical Lon Chaney Cabin and hike among the changing fall leaves.  We work our way up along the creek and pass several glacial fed lakes before reaching our camp beneath imposing Temple Crag at scenic Third Lake.

After spending our first night at the Walk-In Camp, Doug and I meet some some interesting folks and and I hear about a terrifying bear encounter from someone I meet along the trail.

Be sure and click on the photo to a link to all of our photos from the trip; you won’t believe the  magnificent turquoise color of the lakes and the timber and stone Lon Chaney Cabin.

Also follow the link to the video slideshow Doug put together of our photos and video he posted on You Tube.

Watch the Video

Episode 47 Podcast Where there’s Smoke There’s Fire

Smokey Bear Ad Campaign

Smokey Bear Ad Campaign

This podcast of Anthony’s Audio Journal is about wildfires in the Southern California area, what to do if you’re caught up in one while you’re hiking, and all about Smokey Bear’s big 65th birthday.

In last episode I talked about how Katie and I smelled smoke on our hike to the summit of Mt. Islip. We thought we might be walking into the mouth of a raging wildfire and I didn’t know exactly what to do. This episode talks about three major fires in the last few years, including the largest fire in California history. I also share some advice by experts on what to do if you’re in the back country and a wildfire approaches.

Another focus in this episode is about Smokey Bear and his 65th birthday this year. Over the years the forest service has had some great public service announcements to promote fire prevention. In this episode I mix in some great PSA’s from the past to help bring back some nostalgia and its just plain entertaining.

I’ll post some photos from the Cedar, Esperanza and Station Fires as well as some great advertising photos and memorabilia a from Smokey Bears fire prevention campaign.