Cahuilla Mountain Trail

John looking southwest from the trail

This episode is about a day hike to the summit of Cahuilla Mountain in inland Riverside County California.  John and I check out the land of Ramona and Allessandro made famous in Helen Hunt Jackson’s western novel and source of the famous Ramona Pageant.  We also overlook the historic Juan Bautista De Anza Trail.

Along the way we meet Jose Murillo’s California Conservation Corp work crew and talk to Jose about the trail work he’s been doing over the past year.  This hike was a nice surprise as we hike up to two summits and discover a picturesque valley in mid spring.

I shot some High Definition video along the way, click on the link below to watch it



Here are some good links to more information I talked about in the podcast

BONUS AUDIO – The Killing of Juan Diego – Coming Soon.


Along the Los Pinos Peak Trail

In this episode Dave and I take a short day hike to the summit of Los Pinos Peak, the fourth highest summit in the Santa Ana Mountain range of Southern California

At a modest elevation of 4610 feet, it features a magnificent view over the southland. Eastward, views range out to the11500 foot Mt. San Gorgonio and toward  San Jacinto’s 10,804 foot summit. To the South, Mt Palomar’s High Point can be seen as well as the lesser known peaks in Southeastern Riverside, inland San Diego and Anza Borrego.  To the north; Mt. Baldy, Cucamonga Peak, Ontario Peak and Baden Powell’s summit from the San Gabriel Mountain Range stretch northward and finally, to the west, all of Orange County’s urban sprawl spreads out toward the Pacific Ocean. All of this visible from this short day hike to Los Pinos Peak in the Cleveland National Forest.

Along the way Dave and I meet two energetic trail runners and an avid mountain biker while on our adventure and take a quick tour of the Blue Jay Campground.  I also shot a video of our adventure, check it out.