Lindsey inside the abandoned L.A. Zoo

In this two part episode my daughter Lindsey and I continue our adventure into Griffith Park in Los Angeles California.  The first part is about our quest to find the site of the abandoned Griffith Park Zoo, Los Angeles’s first zoo. The zoo was built near the turn of last century and was abandoned in 1965.  Lindsey and I get the creeps crawling in and around the abandoned zoo enclosures.

Part two is about our hunt to find one of the most used wilderness filming locations near Los Angeles.  We locate the secret filming location of the Bat Cave, made famous in the  1960’s television show, Batman and interrupt a film crew.

I shot a video of our adventure and posted it on Youtube.  It will give you an idea of what it was like crawling around in the abandoned zoo enclosures.  Check it out


Here are some great links to check out to learn more about the zoo and the Bat Cave