Tahquitz Meadow Snowshoe Hike

April 13, 2009

Tahquitz Meadow Snowshoe Hike

This episode of Anthony’s Audio Journal is about a snowshoe day hike up the Devil’s Slide Trail to Tahquitz Meadow of the San Bernardino National Forest.


 In this winter adventure Dick, Dane and I strap on our snowshoes and make the hike up into a winter wonderland of fresh powder snow.  Along the way we encountered epic conditions and steep terrain and met some interesting folks along the way. 

Dane shot video during the adventure and did a great job of providing additional audio and insight into our trip.  I think he captured the scenery, difficulty and absolutely zany madcap adventure of hiking with twin brothers.  How could anyone not have fun with these guys.

 Years ago cattlemen searched for a cool, lush place to take their herd during the summer months, to escape the searing heat of the San Jacinto Valley.  They knew of Tahquitz Meadow and cowboys reluctantly drove their cattle up the head of the steep, Strawberry Valley.  Many cowboys and cattle became victims to the loose rock and brush choked ravine and tumbled down the steep slide, cursing along the way.  They named the route the Devil’s Slide as only the devil himself could have created such a horrendous route to the green pastures of Tahquitz Meadow.


The Double D & A Crew, Dick, Dane and Anthony

The Double D & A Crew, Dick, Dane and Anthony





Music used in this episode was Highway Dave and the Varmits, “Mountains to the Sea”, Defibulators with, “Wild Wild Young Men”, and this one from Awry with “Out of the Cold” all from the Podsafe Music Network.


 Don’t forget to check out the video of our adventure on Google Video

Tahquitz Meadow Snowshoe Hike Video


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