Iron Mountain Day Hike

August 6, 2009

Iron Mountain Podcast

Ballsack Boulder

Ballsack Boulder

This podcast is about a day hike to the summit of Iron Mountain in San Diego California.

I picked up Dave at the train station in Escondido and drove to Poway where we headed up the Iron Mountain Trail. Along the way we saw more wildlife than ever and met some unusual folks while hiking along this splendid wilderness trail. After reaching the summit we headed back to the trail junction of the Ellie Lane Trail and finished our semi loop hike with a rousing and thigh burning climb up a steep hillside. We met some shifty looking characters and stared at some svery unusual looking rock formations before taking the Wildhorse Trail back to the truck.

Music featured in this episode was Pete Wernick and the Flexigrasses, “Blue Train”, Gary Paul Bryant’s “Wildlife”,Josh Woodward’s , “Flutter by Butterfly”, Kelly’s Lot with “Tired”, Josh Charles,”It Ain’t Easy” and “Let’s Get Crazy” by Limbeck all from the Podsafe Music Network.

For more information about the Sprinter Express Train click on the link.

2 Responses to “Iron Mountain Day Hike”

  1. Tim Tanguay Says:

    Ballsack boulder 🙂

    Is that “technically” what it’s called ?

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