Mt. Islip Day Hike Episode 46

September 11, 2009

Mt. Islip Podcast Episode 46

Katie at the Summit Shelter

Katie at the Summit Shelter

Episode 46 is about a day hike to the summit of Mt. Islip in the Angeles National Forest of Southern California. Katie and I took our Siberian Husky with us on this warm weather hike and worked our way through a beautiful meadow and under the delightful shade canopy of the tall pine forest to Little Jimmy Camp. After taking a break we continued up through the Windy Ridge trail junction and on to the summit of Mt. Islip.

Along the way we admired the different typed of pines and wondered where the smell of smoke was coming from as we made it to the summit and the remaining fire tower base blocks and the stone summit cabin.

Mt. Islip Day Hike on You Tube

Music featured in this episode is from The Stone Coyotes, Ritchie Hernandez and Lee Maddeford from the Music Alley Network.

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