Episode 109 Ediza Lake

February 7, 2014



In this episode of Anthony’s Audio Journal we continue up the trail from Agnew Meadows to Ediza Lake. Along the way we pass the legendary John Muir Trail and explore some of the most beautiful and most scenic spots the High Sierra’s have to offer.

Trip Video – Day Two Shadow Lake to Ediza

Trip Photos – Shadow Lake to Ediza


One Response to “Episode 109 Ediza Lake”

  1. David Barnas Says:

    Another great adventure. I was listening to this on a half hour commute to a job site, I laughed out loud in my car when you played and compared the scene from dumb and dumber. I even rewound it on my mp3 player and played it again and laughed even louder. Sounds like a senario my buddies and I would run into while backpacking, haha.
    I look forward to checking out the pictures that went with the story!

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