Episode 110 Garnet Lake Trail

February 27, 2014


Ediza Lake and the Minarets

Ediza Lake and the Minarets

In this fourth part of our adventure into the Ansel Adams Wilderness we wake up to  crystal clear skies at Ediza Lake and begin our adventure along the John Muir Trail to Garnet Lake.  Along the way we have a rude encounter with an angry old man, meet a father with two sons hiking all the way from Yosemite and I talk to a solo lightweight hiker from Carpenteria.

Trip Video

Trip Photos

3 Responses to “Episode 110 Garnet Lake Trail”

  1. Randy Hammock Says:

    Just finish Prt 4 (?) Garnet Lake. The grump who got upset over Gerry’s quadcopter sounds like one of those guys who claims riding horses in wilderness areas is illegal because the bridle is a “machine” (a system of levers). Sheesh, get a life. Been loving hearing your adventures.

  2. Janet Says:

    I wanted to let you know that I enjoy listening to your audio journal and looking at the photos. I’d like to do this hike one day. Thanks!

  3. Jeff Katzer Says:

    Howdy Anthony, another great episode and I was surprised to here my name at the end.

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